Sunday, August 30, 2009

MPM 8-30-9-5

My last week before school starts.......

Did I tell you that my gorgeous crock pot (a gift from my mama) couldn't handle the pressure, gave 1 shooting spark, and DIED? It also popped the circuit, left a burn mark on my counter, and wants me to spend another $30 to replace it.... I am sad. That's it, just sad!!!

Sunday Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Monday Summer Squash Pasta Salad, grilled chicken
Tuesday Hamburgers
Wednesday Bruschetta Chicken
Thursday Polska ‘n veggies
Friday Ground Beef Stroganoff
Saturday Pine Valley Eggs
Stromboli, salad

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Menu for the Week... And more!

Sunday Chicken Tacos
Out to Ruby Tuesday's!

Monday Grilled Caesar Chicken Salad and Texas Toast

Tuesday Tamale Pie

Wednesday PDub’s steak and either salad or Caprese Salad

Thursday Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Friday ????

Saturday ????
(Visit for more inspiration!!!)

Today is just Sunday. This is always the time I stay up waaay too late trying to finish all of the plans I had for the weekend!

And I slacked on the snacks of the week, but in retrospect, we had fresh fruit every single day this week! I LOVED it!!!

Friday night the doc and I enjoyed a (little bit) late anniversary dinner. GOOOOD Italian food!
The first wine I have loved, down to the last drop (gotta love those Italians), Fettuccine Alfredo, and a lemon tart.
All to celebrate 8 years of wedded bliss! Then we decided to go to the drive in! A double feature! GI Joe and Transformers 2! It was fun... And I stayed up waaaay past my 'bedtime!'

Saturday Nicole and I wanted to have a tea party. Instead it turned out to be a breakfast run for the whole gang at PAnera! (I brought it home) After brunch/lunch, we went to the park. A birthday party, swimming, the driving range, an art fair, birthday cake, and live bagpipe music. All within 3 hours! WHEW!

Now it's Sunday. It's almost over, but it was a well-used day. Church, lunch, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, movie, out to dinner, scenic drive, ice cream at home, laundry, and baking.

Er, yes, baking! I can't bake, remember? Except for the open-and-insert-in-oven kind of baking! I turned 1 gallon of blueberries into pie filling, baked a pie crust and it turned out like this: That's one whole pie and a LOT of filling! I invited the 'rents to make pancakes, waffles, tarts, crepes, whatever they can to use up this stuff! OH, and to EAT the pie, too!

Ooh, and I got to chat with one of my bestest friends! What a sweet way to end the day! So. Let the week begin, I will be well fueled with blueberries and humor.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An anniversary, the snack of the day, the craft of the day... I'm sure there's more

No craft today, we had 'theatre night' instead... I'll explain.

After we eat.

Today I made 120 Quesadillas. It was supposed to be veggie quesadillas, but the shredded carrots had turned, and who likes carrots in their quesadillas anyway? If I were in charge of the menu, I would have added sliced bell peppers, or green chilies. Oh, how I love green chilies! (I love food, remember???)

Then I made 2 pans of cheese enchiladas! I sprinkled then with olives, cheddar cheese, and served 'em with sour cream and salsa. The kids loved 'em! Then it was on to theatre night. The performance was a collection of choreographed beach songs, but they were so CUTE! Every heard of Pineapple Princess? Oh, the kids were adorable in this song!

We went home (and Nicolee was still singing!!!)

(Dave and I had subs. And he had fudge. And I got daisies! I love daisies!)

Oh yeah,, and I went to the Farmer's Market on my lunch break and I came home with all of this treasure! And I have noticed that I have NO cash left after I visit the Farmer's MArket!

Oh yeah, and today is our 8 year anniversary!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Flying Things, Snack of the Day, Monday Monday...

Japanese Beetles.....
Birds, sometimes...

What do they all have in common? They all seem to fly through the house and run into EVERYTHING around you!!!! Not only is Doc pretending just to be a big kid, Nicolee hs received a mini air hog for her birthday and she is flying all over the living room! Pop-Pop would have been proud! Until then, there's all this buzzing in the living room and Tink and I are both ducking!!!!!

And onto Snack of the Day..... We had these wonderfully awesome Sundae Cones! But instead of ice cream in our oversized waffle cones, I filled it with a fruit salad of diced strawberries, bananas, and grapes sweetened with honey. They were delicious! And I was SO distracted, that I didn't take a picture!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

MPM 8-9-8-15

:) Sunday Church Picnic
Tamales, Lo Mein

Monday Homemade Mac 'n Cheese

Tuesday Hot Dogs, chili, etc

Wednesday Cheese Enchiladas

Thursday L&B come in

Friday King Ranch Casserole
• Beans
• Salad

Saturday Buffalo Chicken Salad
• Garlic toast
• fruit

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am a LITTLE bit behind!!!

My mama flew in to town and took us to NYC for a Broadway show (and to celebrate Nicole's bday!)! We saw Phantom and it was AWESOME! I feel an entirely new draw to the city, a new craving that needs to be satisfied!
....Not that I ever wanna give up this new endeavor! We enjoyed a classy Starbuck's breakfast right before we headed to the theatre.

We also went to Alice's Tea Cup. Last time we went to the city with Myra, she took us here and I LOVED it! It seems Nana enjoyed it, too! We had tea, peach for me, I don't remember what Nana had, sandwiches (BLT with Bleu cheese!!! To DIE for! Nana had something curried.), scones, and dessert cookies! It was delicious. Nicole had her own ginger tea, sandwiches, and scones, too. The doc had something great, but mine was better ;)

Our hotel was awesome! We stayed at the W. It was beautiful, pristine, modern, and classy. Their decor theme was 'water' or something like that!!! Down the elevators and into the street, it was awesome!

There was a street fair right in front of us. My favorite sight at that point was the smoothie bar! I just wanted to eat all of the produce!

The day we were leaving the city, we walked through central park and it started pouring! The city was under flood watch! We made it halfway through and found a 'shelter.' Once we finally made it through the park, we decided to take a carriage ride all the way through the park again! We were a little soggy by then ;)
But memories are memories!!!

We also visited the library. It's the scene of one of my favorite movies! But I loved the detailed marble-work and the endless books and the HISTORY inside!

I could have spent all day in the library! (But we were headed out of town!)

P.S. I finally met up with my sweet friend Ange! I haven't seen her since 1993! It was fun, introducing her to family, catching up, discussing dreams and future plans.... And reminiscing about old friends! I think that hanging out with her was the best part