Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris? Canada?

2 hour drive, 25 degrees........ Celcius, mind you... We went to Kingston, er, Kingsport? Kingston, Canada!

First stop was Fort Henry. An awesome sight! We arrived just in time for the 'parade.' The band marched around and around and AROUND inside the fort, playing many songs and just to the beat of the drums. They fired off the cannon, had an inspection in front of us, and displayed the evolution of the rifles! It was pretty cool. We even sat in for a 'typical day' at school in the military, circa 1867. Nicole almost had her knuckles rapped for not copying down the lesson on the board in enough time... and I almost had mine done for not sitting up straight and continuing to whisper to Nicole!!!!
We wandered around downtown Kingston, looking for a place to eat dinner. This is market square. We walked about a block and we found this adorable French cafe called Chez Piggy. Now, not speaking French (civily, mind you!) I only understood the piggy part... We ate on the patio.... Got the true french cafe feel.... I LOVED it!!! Dave got an

impressive Cafe au laut
while I sipped on a VERY french Dad's Root Beer and enjoyed my .... dinner.
Oh, it was awesome! I only wish this place was just a few blocks down the street! I could walk there on afternoons, curl up in a booth with my journal or latest favorite book! (However, if it were around the corner, I would find myself doing quite the opposite, pulling Nicole's chair in closer, cutting her food, and ordering peanut butter and banana sandwiches instead! I'd probably be a lot fatter and have less money, too!)

Perhaps this is as close to Paris as I will ever get..... But I am free to reenact it at any time! Or.... Anyone wanna go on a roadtrip???

Monday, June 18, 2007

What's in a blog?

That which you call an excerpt would be just as informative. So what makes my blog any better than yours? Or his? Nowhere in the world will you be able to find true postings as unique as mine! I have a little different outtake on life. I see the glass, not as half-full or half-empty, but sometimes overflowing or bottomless, sometimes dry. Stay tuned for humorous, melancholic, and vivid paintings of my dreams, insights, and daily life. I will never claim to be eloquent in life, only in words!