Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ahhhh, a day at the beach!

Yes, we went to the beach today! Don't get all excited, we weren't any closer to the coast, but we were a little closer to Canada! We went to Lake Ontario. The vast horizon led me to believe that we really were facing a sea. Nicole was adorable, of course! Nicole buried herself in the sand (okay, up to her thighs as she was sitting on the ground), spent over an hour trying to catch a lethargic catfish that was 10' off shore, and collecting rocks... not seashells! We left at 11:00.... I brought snacks, not lunch (smart mama?)! We ate a LOT of grapes and drank tons of water!!! The water was JUST right and the sun was hot, so we slathered on tons of sunscreen..... But tonight as I gave Nicole a bath, to wash off all thta sand... I found finger stripes on her back... Hey, I never said I was great at putting on sunscreen! But I do put on some killer aloe vera! (I had it refrigerated! So it was very cool and soothing!) .

By the time we mosied on home, it was time for dinner.... We had big salads all to ourselves! (I am pleasantly surprised at how much Nicole loves produce! Almost as much as I do! She and I could both survive on nothing but salads every day! But how healthy is it really if we always have cheese, olives, and really good dressing? We at least get kudos for trying!)

P.S. I still feel that warm sun on my back and face! Maybe it's because I'm a little red, too!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The new skateboarding...

Or surfing... Or trick skiing... Is now kayaking!

We went over to the 'bus barn' today to introduce Nicole to the bus systems. She toured the bus, learned the correct loading and unloading protocol, and then they fed us a complimentary lunch! We took the hot dogs outside to eat since it was such a nice day.... Actoss the grass, we saw 2 umnanned police cars with their lights on, no sirens, and a crowd of people leaning over the bridge. Being the important people we are (wink wink, nudge nudge), we headed over to see what was going on!
It was a kayaking event! A competition of trick kayaking, complete with flips, turns, and whatever tricks they could muster up while coasting over the rapid! (I say THE rapid, singular, cause there was really only one big dip with a spray and currents on either side!) People came from all over the world for this event! (Don't be too surprised, there were only about 10 people in each category!) It was the young men's competition, we left before the women's competition.... But I wish I had a kayak! I may not be able to brave the 'rapid' but I would love to get out and coast on the water!

Anyway, it started out, BEFORE that, with some yummy Swedish pancakes! We tried to serve breakfast in bed to Dave, but he beat us to the punch! I thought doctors wew supposed to sleep in on their ONE day off!!! Oh well, it was good and he loved it!

I also found some great socks today at Walmart! They are infused with aloe! They are SO soft, I felt pampered just putting them on! So to all you mommies out there, here is a pampering item worthy of multitasking!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TAG, you're it!

P.S. Just a word of caution. I HATE forwards. I am talking a serious, passionate disliking to the letters FW: in front of ANYthing sent to me. If I read into this too much, or any other surveys, I might call myself a hypocrite!!Anyway.....

TAG!I'm it, now you're it...
Here's how you play: Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog w/ 10 weird, random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment ("You're It") and to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me back, let me know when you've posted your blog so I can see your answers!

MY "its."

1. I am dyslexic. Seriously dyslexic. Hilariously dyslexic. A number of things come into play. When thinking before I write, I don't have to consider how things are spelled, conjugated, etc, I have to think about which direction to write my letters! I also mix up and jumble letters (even though I am adamant about correctly spelling everything [not necessarily TYPING, though!])... My mind actually jumbles the letters for me in every word. So when I first read something, I can calculate many other alphabetical possibilities... For example, in National Treasure I knew that Valley Forge was comin'.... Who, honestly picks 'fargo levy' as a password???

2. I miss playing basketball. Sometimes when I am sitting in the chair, I have an almost out-of-body experience where I feel like I'm driving down the key..... But it's sometimes just gravity as the recliner rocks forward! And when chasing Tink around the yard, when she changes direction, I automatically think, 'pik and roll' or 'weak side' or back door'.... Seriously, talk about engrained practices, Coach Grainger (do you think he read that???)

3. I work a Sudoku book from back to front. Get to the REAL challenges first! Then I usually give up by the time they're too easy... I also play mental sudoku when my eyes are closed.

4. I abhor all twangs of country music. I feel betrayed when those close to me choose to listen to it in my presence. I also feel betrayed since my dad, who taught me to hate the genre, is starting to sing it himself! How sad...

5. I am not addicted to myspace. Or e mail. Or IM. Or the internet. I am addicted to the computer. I could get my 'fix' by creating a spreadsheet or database, just as easily as I could by reading entertaining e mails or headlines!!!

6. Contrary to my dear husband's movie preference, I love ACTION films! Cheesy, I know! But I think it stems from my deep, secret desire to participate in the WNBA... Or the CIA... Or something that keeps me MOVING!

7. I sincerely enjoy entertaining. I want to have someone over for dinner EVERYday. I want to create millions of brand new, inspiring meals that people love.... But I don't want to spend more than 15 minutes cooking... And I usually accompish the last two! So that means you need to come over and help me accomplish the first part!

8. I am a goof. Not a secret, but there are secrets as to why!

9. My biggest fear in life is having bad breath. Not only do I brush my teeth quite often, but I ALWAYS carry breathmints, gum, or mouthwash.... Sometimes all 3!

10. I still remember Mitosis from high school biology. The 5 phases are1. Interphase, 2. Prophase, 3. Metaphase, 4. Anaphase, and 5. Telephase. I know it's pointless, useless information to you and me... At least Miss Wagner would be proud of me!!!

Who's IT?

1. Shannon.... cause you're always laughing at me, it's your turn to make me laugh!
2. Kelle... I know you've got some great answers for this!
3. Amy.. beacause you love ME!
4. the other Shannon! (how do you know which one's which?) 'cause you have so much time for this.... and what's another 10 minutes on myspace, anyway? It's not like it's wasted or anything!
5. Robin... As a psychologist, I know you've got some depth to ya!
6. Valerie... Cause I picked you
7. Emily, you're my kindred spirit,
8. Lourdes... Cause I CAN pick you!
9. Angela... Cause now that you have a baby, you have lots of time for this
10. yeah, 9'sit... Cause I can bet you anything Zach Braff won't even realize that he's been tagged.... Even if I forcibly send him an e mail....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Old Mac Donald Had a Farm

And on that farm we saw a:

We went to Old Mac Donald's Farm in Sackett's Harbor today! It was a blast! They have a wagon ride with the Wizard of Oz charaters set up all over the place! They movie is played (audio only) as we drive through the farm! We passed all the animals and heard about the history of the farm, fed the animals, Nicole rode a pony, and we had ice cream from the creamery! It was fun! P.S. Silage is probably the worst thing in the world. I hope none of you even come ACROSS it in life!
Also, Tink has rightfully earned the nickname 'Stink.' She is so devious and contrary and weird! Dave finally caught onto that, too!

Well. This town is still fun! We have a lot to discover!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Whole Enchilada

"bn hjhnmkc` v= " That's Tink's contribution...

Mmmmm, I love Mexican food! It's been scarce since we left San Diego... So, I make my own. These enchiladas rocked! Most Mexican food really isn't that pretty, but it sure is yummy!

We also took Tink on a walk last night. She is doing REALLY well with the leash! We went around the block and Tink pointed out this funny sign to us... I really couldn't decide of I should laugh or be disgusted.... So I took a picture!

We saw lots of lovely things! But getting fresh air with family was best!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hmmm, a little late

I admit, I forgot. I had other things to do. I wanted to post something... Okay, I just didn't do it. Here's a very late unbirthday post...

But Nicole had a BLAST on her birthday! We invited over Elizabeth, her mommy, and her brother. (Christian is such a cool name!) I'm so glad that we have new friends in our new town! She wanted a ratatouille party... Have you seen ANY of that in the stores? So we made it up..... And didn't tell anyone! First, we created our own pizzas. I bought mini Boboli crusts at the local bakery outlet store and set out lots of cheese and a zillion toppings! I forgot those pics... Then, after consuming half of the pizzas with a mountain of cheese a a tiny piece of sausage on top, we brought out the birthday..... cupcakes! With candles! After blowing them out, we gave the kids their own cupcakes and a glob of frosting... Then we set out:
and they had a blast! After so much time, I couldn't even find the cupcake anymore! Can you find it?

We loved having Nana and Lindsey here! LJ bought Nicole some 'clothes' for Tink. Is it a phase? Do you think Nicole will have to grow out of it??? Tink wasn't so fond of the Minnie Mouse smock (but LJ also got her a cute little jogging jacket! She needs shoes now for when it snows!!!)...
But the next day, we went to Alexandria Bay. I love it there, too. I could own a vacation home there! (It gets WAAAY colder there!)
We took the Thousand Islands tour. (Dressing, anyone?) It's funny how they categorize an island! It has to have a tree on it. So it could be a lump of sand coming out of the water, but if it has a tree, it's an island! We saw awesome vacation hoomes, slides into the water, lots of fishing and crusing boats, and the Boldt castle! (Heart Island means ICE CREAM!) It was beautiful, not too hot, not cold. And Nicole wore MY hat! Look how cute she is!

Also, Nana took Nicole clothes shopping while she was here, for her first days of school! Nicole is going to be the CUTEST girl ever! (No bias, honestly!) Wouldn't you kill for a wardrobe like this?
We finished the pre-K screening yesterday, now it's official. We just have to wait for school to start! (P.S Nicole was very apprehensive about going to school with other kids! But she is SO bright and SO smart, I know she'll do well! At the screening, they tested her base knowledge and Nicole thought it was a bunch of games! She WILL do great! P.S. She can't remember her phone number. The fact that we still have the WV are code throws her off so she doesn't think she knows it at all! Same number.)
So, countdown. 21 days til school starts!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm coming to see you now

These are the words my daughter sings to the tune of "Oh Susanna!" She has a mini keyboard that plays a few demo songs (thanks a lot, Ann!) and that one is her favorite. She has begun singing along with it, improvising as she can't remember the real words! "I'm coming to see you now, I'm on my way to come see you, to see you now, I come to you right now..." Boy oh boy, I bet you'd love to hear it!!! Just ask her to bring out the 'beloved' and forsaken piano when you get here!!!

Last night our friends Matt and Casey came by on their way home from the gym and entertained US for a bit! Nicole took her turn with Dance Mario and showed them how to do it correctly!!!

I also spent a lot of wasted time on my new phone. Not talking to anyone, I have to have friends to do that! I transferred all of my ringtones from my old phone to my new phone via bluetooth. I am fully loaded now, with the theme from Scrubs, a Frank Sinatra song, and some other various wav file. (If you happen to hang out and my brother calls, you will hear Tarzan swinging on the vine! Maybe when you call me it will play "Kung Fu Fighting" or "I Will Survive."

P.S. This is the view down the street. I toldja I love these clouds!

Friday, August 3, 2007


The lazy man does twice as much work????
Well, it's time to change a bit of that old saying, the lazy man leaves twice as much work for the next person! But Wednesday I got out the paint, rollers, tape, drop cloths.... I taped the room and started painting around 7:30am. I finished taping, cutting in, and painting the entire room... Er, just the first coat! BUT, the corner of the ceiling that meets the wall has been compromised! There is no longer a distinctly definitive line! Too much putty has been used to finish the wall that hasn't been smoothed out. The line of where the ceiling starts and the wall ends is more of a suggestion. I spent 30 minutes putting the tape where I wanted it to go! We'll see how it looks when I'm finished!

30 Minute Meals
I do love to cook... I love to create my own versions of things and multiple variations of simple meals.... But I don't like to spend too long doing it! Last night, Nicole and I had the following conversation:
T: What should I make for dinner? Daddy will be home in 5 minutes!!!
N: I dunno, but this lady is showing a 30 minute meal! You should make one of those.
T: Oh, wow.... But I don't have 30 minutes til daddy comes home, I have 5. I need a 5 minute meal!
N: Oh, I have a good idea! How 'bout an 8 minute meal?
T: Do you know of one?
N: No, but that's your favorite number!
Needless to say, I took 10 minute to throw together an awesome meal!

After dinner we went to the Cow Lick. Yes, the Cow Lick! It's an ice cream stand!!!

Then we found the prettiest river access! Like, I might wanna have Nicole's birthday party there instead!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nature's Goodness!

How many times have you heard people reminisce about their past, their passions, their lives and become so 'lost in the moment' that they zone out or ignore everything going on? Ah, this is what happens to me whenever I enter the produce department. It was so colorful, such a wide variety of fruits, both common and exotic! I was overtaken by the aromas and vibrant colors! "Chandler, I lost myself in a movement." I love variety in produce! I can't wait to head back to the produce store!