Friday, September 28, 2007

Pavlov's dog...

... Her name is Tink.
I never had to condition her, but there are certain sounds that cause her to come running. Some of those sounds: keys (makes sense), wrappers (all dogs love food), the lazy susan (it squeaks RELLY bad), and the icemaker... This one makes me wonder.... Maybe she sits and waits for me to drop an ice cube for her? But there is something about the rattling and crushing of ice that brings her running!
Tink, my pavlovian dog. This one's for you (Oh, I just ran the ice maker!!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mmm, the familiar smell of World's Finest Chocolate

You know, I never had a lemonade stand as a child, I was required to sell chocolate for my school. I believe I have fulfilled my sales quote for my LIFETIME! In 6th grade, I sold 10 cases of chocolate, with the help of my bother and sinister, of course, and my whole family got tickets to Disneyland. Currently, the students at IHC are selling it. The aroma fills the halls and I try not to get too distracted as I click clack type away in the computer lab! I have withstood the pressure this long, the sale is almost over! Some things remain the same, though... A bar/box is still $2.00... An amount that I never seem to have in my wallet at one time. God thing, though!

And in other news, I am 99.8482108975% over my cold/virus/gift from the wonderful realm of education! It seems that I always catch something in the beginning of the school year. Is it the bonding of kids after a whole summer apart? Is it the lack of handwashing while sitting at the desk all day? Anyway, I came down with this horrible virus, thekind you can't do anything about! After a week, I am proud to say that I have a little sniffle left and a lack of taste. Seriously. That bottle of Frank's is my best friend! I put it on everything cause I taste nothing! I may have a problem with vinegar after this!

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Pursuit of 101 Things

#12 Teach Nicole how to read.

I believe I accomplished this OVER the last 5 years, but she is successfully reading words. Soaking them up wherever she can find them. Scrutinizing the cereal box for words she can sound out. I am so proud!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Like daughter, like grandfather.

There are certain traits which repeat from generation to generation. There also seem to be some that skip a generation! My daughter is a hard worker. When she has a task at hand, she focuses, directs all of her attentin on the task at hand, and sets forward. Sometimes she is in her own little bubble, her own little world. And the sure sign is the tongue. It is the sign of hard work, determination, and possibly a little silliness.... Who do you think she gets it from?

Monday, September 3, 2007


We had some guests come over for dinner the other night! I made a gorgeous salmon with pesto and dijon (Dave wasn't brave enough so he had a steak!) and they opened a bottle of wine. (I say they because I can't stand wine!) And after a dessert of gooey chocolatey goodness (snaps to Laura!), we all settled on the couch to watch a movie. Iriving picked Zodiac. Now most of you know about me and scary/suspenseful movies! I won't even sit still for them! But this one was different! I am still intrigued! It's like like the old Unsolved Mysteries aired late on Sunday nights in the late 80's, early 90's! They left so many questions, but the whole case was like that! I'm not a bit shaken by the eerieness of the plot, I am still baffled as to why there really are psycho things in life...

But I can't even think straight! I've got work starting Tuesday, a messy house to clean, and I need to find a car.... So don't even bother to ask the point of this blog. The title speaks it all. I was just trying to clear my head!

A Local Hike and a late breaking story

Less that 500 feet from our front door is the entrance to Thompson Park. Well, if you count the grass in the circle and the division between the streets and the rotary, it's more like 20 feet from the front door. Regardless, Dave, Nicole, Tink and I headed out the door with the hope of covering new ground! We walked up the hill and followed Olmstead Trail. It led us all over the side of the hill, up and down, sideways, under 'things...' But we ended up back on Thompson Park Drive. Kinda like all roads lead to Thompson Park Drive! Tink had to be carried after a mile, poor thing, but Nicole trekked through three whole miles oftdusty and rocky terrain, some grass, and rocks, too. She complained every 20 minutes that her feet hurt (and mine did, too, but Nicole said it for the both of us), but she made it the WHOLE way! What a big girl!

Also, to add to my procrastination, yesterday we went to a local Cider Mill. The grow, harvest, press, and mill the apples and sell their own cider! It was very tasty, nice and ice cold... A little foamy as it came out of the tap... It was really good. There wasn't much to see in lieu of the process. We saw the guy cleaning the machine, but that's it. There were other things to see, though. They had a large crate of apples outside, waiting their turn to go through the press. They also had a chalkboard behing the register that said: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if the doctor is cute, throw out the fruit!" Believe me, for Dr. Dave, I will be pitching the apples ;)!!
There really is a lot to do in this town.... I can't wait for New York in the Fall!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

10 minutes and 7 minutes

I got a new job! I am the part time computer lab lady/proctor/teacher's assistant at Case Middle School! But PLEASE, PLEASE pray that I am able to get a car soon! That time up there is thetime it takes me to get to get to and from the middle school on my bike. I have no problem riding my bike, I just know winter is coming.... And fast! It's already in the 60's and it's August! (In CA it's in the upper 90's still!) More importantly, I need peace. Jesus' peace. I know He's in control. He provided the job and I trust Him for the means to get to work. Maybe Tuesday He will introduce me to someone who will let me carpool with them...... Peace AND grace.... Thank you Jesus!