Saturday, February 2, 2008

morning musings

1. A drunken man. A few weeks ago we headed up to Canada. My awesome BIL came to NY so, why not head to another country? We shopped in the little stores (I was desperate to find an extra hat and scarf! Nicole needed some more goodies, too!) A lot of Canada isjust like the US. Well, for the most part. The differences are small and unique! The crosswalk is one of them! Not neessarily the crosswalk, but the crosswalk sign. See here. Bobb-o and I called him the drunken man. And he mimicked him quite well, too. The man does not look like he is walking, but rather, stepping in a grandiose-clownish manor, easier described as a bit tipsy. Which one???

2. Dave's best friend is here visiting, his name is Dave, too. Pretty cool, since one of my best friends (kindred spirits) is name Tiffany.... (What's more fun than two Tiffany's???) So it's like having TWO of my husbands around! Same personality, same sense of humor, and they BOTH get my jokes...

3. Tink's new favorite person is the mailman! Not only does he bring us large packages (and bills) and boxes, but he ALWAYS brings Tink a treat! He rings the doorbell to announce that the packages have arriced, and Tink wags her tail (so wildly that her whole body wags), barks at the top of her lungs, and leaps to the door!

4. Not only did I get a new desk at work (which is GREAT since the other one was wobbling and falling apart), but I got a new chair! I have officially upgraded from a 1970's dining room chair with no support or comfort to a brand spankin' new office comfort chair with wheels and arm rests! I feel pretty darn important in my classroom! Well, this is just a picture of the box, but this is my new joy!

5. We had a lot of snow lately. A lot of cold, too. But very icy snow, nothing that will pack into a snow man very well. We have made a pile with some rocks for eyes and a licorice for his mouth and a scarf and hat and named him Bill, but he will never stand. Nicole and I made these the other day instead.

6. This is a picture of Tink playing her new game. Keep away from me. She brings the toy to the closed door and removes it once it sounds like we are trying to remove it. Definitely goofy. Reverse keep away! She will always be entertaining!

7. Nicole has been taking swimming lessons for a little over a month. Se is at least brave enough to jump into the water (granted two peopl are ready to catch her), but we're not quite ready to have her put her face in the water yet! The water at the Y is like 90 degrees!!!! So f course it's foggy in that room! My camera fogs up as if I were under water!

8. AND that's about it! It's finally Saturday, I got to sleep in, watch movies, so I'm happy. I hate being rushed, but that's the life of a person with two jobs!!!