Friday, August 1, 2008

An ode to.... something

Oh, to be doing anything other than the task ahead of me,
I could consider bliss.
But as I marvel at the amount of work I have avoided,
I wonder what I WILL miss
when that time finally comes.

The cabinets sit all dingy and dirty,
the hardware stands firmly and gummy, also dirty,
while the cans of paint weigh heavily on the floor.
I wish there was someone who wanted to do it more!

All laid out in four easy steps,
I realize I am missing some pep,
And nana becomes the home-improvement rep
while I researh something else of depth.

Tink lays of the floor having no clue
of the things I must ultimately do
and the doc, he helps avoid the chores, too...
Oh, what is this family going to do?

The cupboards, they lay in out-of-style-wait
for the man (or woman) who changes their fate
to change them to a color they will no longer hate.

(But those cupboards might just have to wait
or me, I make myself stay up late
and another day will be another past date!)

1 comment:

shaybert said...

Shhhh, our procrastination secret is out! There's always tomorrow!