Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mmm, the familiar smell of World's Finest Chocolate

You know, I never had a lemonade stand as a child, I was required to sell chocolate for my school. I believe I have fulfilled my sales quote for my LIFETIME! In 6th grade, I sold 10 cases of chocolate, with the help of my bother and sinister, of course, and my whole family got tickets to Disneyland. Currently, the students at IHC are selling it. The aroma fills the halls and I try not to get too distracted as I click clack type away in the computer lab! I have withstood the pressure this long, the sale is almost over! Some things remain the same, though... A bar/box is still $2.00... An amount that I never seem to have in my wallet at one time. God thing, though!

And in other news, I am 99.8482108975% over my cold/virus/gift from the wonderful realm of education! It seems that I always catch something in the beginning of the school year. Is it the bonding of kids after a whole summer apart? Is it the lack of handwashing while sitting at the desk all day? Anyway, I came down with this horrible virus, thekind you can't do anything about! After a week, I am proud to say that I have a little sniffle left and a lack of taste. Seriously. That bottle of Frank's is my best friend! I put it on everything cause I taste nothing! I may have a problem with vinegar after this!

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shaybert said...

Oh, the chocolate sales. They do haunt us, don't they. You survived and except for those annoying tics in your face and the horrendous therapist's bills, you turned out okay!!! HA!! My students sell candles which don't add any calories. Luv U! Momma