Sunday, December 9, 2007

Difference is good

NY is unlike any other place I've been.

Even Tink agrees, although she is a native New Yorker (and I will always be a California girl)! She is funny to watch in the snow! First off, the doc has shaved her again, this time a little closer to the skin. She's very soft, but not very well-insulated! She LOVES to go out in the snow, though!

First she pounces into the snow and digs her head in. Then she starts sniffing the frozen precipitation and begins rooting around. When she stands still, she looks like an ostrich with her head buried in the ground. Then she starts following whatever scent she can find under that blanket and chases it.... Like a lawnmower, moving everything in its path! By the time she comes back to the porch, she's covered in snow! And she loves it! We head inside to wipe off he snow, which is stuck in her fur like big, white, furry boots and then she takes off, tracking her wet prints all around the house. It's quite a chore AND a funny sight!

The doc loves it. He plans to start snowshoeing after Christmas.... Granted a certain something ends up under the tree! It's cold, yes. But he LOVES the fireplace, with all of the lovely firewood, compliments of ME. But on the cold nights, after dinner is prepared but not yet served, he discovered another way to keep warm. Dinner. My important job of recent has been to serve warm, filling meals...

Soups, stews, baked yummies..... For this reason!

When interviewed, Nicole even said she likes the snow. No, she loves the snow. She hikes through it, sleds over it, jumps in it, and she even admits to eating a bit..... Don't worry, I have taught her color that discrimination is alright, ONLY when it comes to snow! We have yet to make a snowman, but I don't think that less than 6 inches will be enough snow. No worries, we are in snow country, near the Adirondacks, close to Canada, further north than CA. Snowmen will come!I, on the other hand, love it and hate it. I love the cold, brisk sunshine with big puffy flakes falling from the sky! I love cuddling by the fire with hot chocolate and Ga Ga's afghans... I just can't seem to get rid of that perpetual chill straight down my spine. It never leaves. I'm always cold!!!!! (But Tink is my own personal temperature control unit! That girl is COOKIN'! And she loves to sit on my feet!!!) (pics to come) Now if only I could get her to warm my gloves while I am at work!!!So wherever you spend your winter months, stay warm!!!

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