Sunday, December 16, 2007

Iced Tea

We currently have about 4 inches of snow on the ground and we expect a LOT more tonight! The weather team expects 6-10 inches of snow overnight! I could place a wager on no school tomorrow, but everyone would bet with me!

I did brave the roads, though, as I craved the newest cuisine in town! Less than a mile away they opened an authentic Mexican taco shop! I went in to order the much-longed-for carne asada and I came out with those awesome marinated carrots, authentic hot sauce, both red and green, and a chicken tostada that was to die for! Don't worry, Nicolee got a chicken quesadilla! Mmmm, but I have been craving some horchata and pollo asada! I am so glad they're in the neighborhood!

Anyway, as I was sitting at a table, the manager told me to help myself to a complimentary cup of coffee... Or tea... Or hot chocolate! This guy had it all! I filled my dixie cup with hot water and added a tea bag.... I love the smell of steeping tea! I sipped on it until my order was ready. I thanked the man and headed out the door. It was snowing pretty heavily (as I said before we should expect 10 MORE inches by morning!).... And my cup was dusted with snow! Not too much, though. I took a sip as I was driving off and it was COLD! Ah.... The other day I WAS wishing for hot weather and iced tea! I guess a snowstorm and iced tea will just have to do!

So the doc and I get to watch the Bourne Ultimatum (he's seen it already, but I haven't so please don't give up the story for me!)... The Bourne series has got to be one of my favorites! So cool! So action packed! Matt Damon lacks a little in the acting department sometimes, but I think the story line makes up for it!!!

Anyway, next week I will post my Christmas card letter for you.... You'll like it, it's funny. I mean, come on! You know me!!!

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