Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sudoku Revelations

Most of the time, I look like I'm staring into space... ACtually, my mind is running numbers, placing them everywhere! From what I can gather, Sudoku is the most logical pattern. So when I finally sit down and play Sudoku on paper, I've got tons of other thoughts going through my head! Here are some revelations of recent:

1. I only have 7 pounds left to reach my goal!

2. my tea only gets colder when I put it in a larger mug (but I get to drink more!)

3. the doc is lookin' finer and finer every day!

4. I now have 2 jobs. If the hours are counted together, I would just have a split shift. And now I have less time to do the things I didn't have enough time for before!!! But I get to be with Nicolee more! And I am going to be the head creative instructor of the SACC program (self-named title, of course)

5. I have a horrible headache. Mostly because I went to bed so early last night and slept in so late this morning. "My headache is this big." By the standards of the old Excedrin commercials (of the late 80's!) I am the poster patient for this miracle drug. But I don't even want to move my head to go find it!

6. I'm starting to remember a bunch of old home remedies for things that Nicole is experiencing. We're trying the hot water with lemon and honey instead of cough syrup.... And she LOVES it! It's probably a lot better for her, anyway. And she thinks she's ALMOST as cool as me, drinking tea...

7. T is for Tiffany and Tea is for Tiffany. I want to open a Tea Shoppe one day. A little corner shoppe, like a coffee shoppe with overstuffed chairs and couches and beatnick musicians and poets on stage. I would like to be a performer, too!

8. Nicole has been playing Sudoku recently... She has a little different strategy than mine... She puts what number she would LIKE to go in that square. So about a quarter of all of my sudoku pages have been randomly filled in with numbers... Between 0 and 963! I'm likin' it!

9. Since I am dying/dieting, I, of course, only want the foods that I am not allowed to have. I would KILL for some mint 'n chip ice cream or nachos that are dripping with processed cheese or life cereal. Oh, I just want life cereal for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! But writing is so therapeutic for me (which is funny since sometimes writing is hardest for me to do!), so I have created a document, listing all of the things that I want. But once I got 'em down on paper (or pixels), the desire has gone away (all except for the Life cereal... Mikey lkes it, I do, too!).

10. I HATE that anything regarding your weight is so personal and judgemental, whether intentional or not! Nicole and I were watching an episode of the Pink Panther (long live old school cartoons!) and he stepped on one of those scales that 'predicted' things and outlined your peronality, but since the machine did not know or see HIM, it called him '42 pounds' What a horrible identity! "I got news for ya, 42 pounds," it said. I am very glad that when people begine a conversation with me, they have enough respect NOT to say, "Hey *165* pounds" or "I got news for ya, *165* pounds!" There's more to me than just a number. And whether I'm embarassed by it or not, whether it is consuming my lifestyle or not, I am thankful we, as humans, function on a first name basis (Except for my friend Douglas and Gatrell.... We all go by last names. I am still called my by maiden name, only by them! It'll never change!).

11. And as my typing bores the intellectual type, I a becoming more and more entertained by the click-clacking of the keys. I've begn forming short stories while playing sudoku and elaborating later. It's definitely interesting, as most of my creativity is quickly forgotten as I wait to find the pen and paper or even open the Word document_ I need a mental tape recorder. Something to remember those creative sparks. So for now, I've got nothin'. Just a few VERY short stories to remind myself of the creativity I thought I had, but forgot about.

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shaybert said...

You are certifiable, my first born! But I think it's hereditary... hee hee hee!