Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Nicole is now self-entertaining.

The doc, too.

And I can hold my own.

That just leaves Tink. What does she do all day while we're gone? Sleep? Bark at the mailman? Play her usual games?

She plays this game with me while I am in another room ith the door closed. She sticks her paws under the door til I let my fingers crawl toward her and she moves her hand. So I stick a pen under the door and she tries to 'grab' it (p.s. she uses her paws like hands!).

But she has a NEW game! Now when I close the door, she takes one of her toys in her mouth, carries it to the door and drops it. She takes it between her paws/hands and pushes it under the door just a little bit. When I move my hands to grab the toy, she removesi t! Kinda like reverse keepaway!

Tee hee!!!

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shaybert said...

Tink is a nut! Tink Stink!