Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last night we had the infamous Pine Valley Eggs for dinner... That's the recipe that throws healthy measures out the window!  Well, sort of.

First, I fried the bacon in a little EVOO to render the fat, then I drained the bacon on paper towels an wiped a little of the grease out of the pan.  A little.  I like to think that I was making some good-ol' souther cookin' last night, that's why I threw health out the window!  Anyway, I scrambled the eggs in the same skillet and it was soooo tasty!  I served those Pine Valley eggs with pancakes and OJ.... We called it Brinner.... Breakfast for dinner!

But tonight I made Chili 'n cornbread!  It was so good and so filling I think I will be heading to bed soon.......

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