Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yesterday a dear friend came over for some devotions. Our own little D-group! Anyway, I provided lunch (we usually go to her house). As I raced home from work, I picked up some ham and turkey. I was planning on making Monte Christos.... The turkey was actually mush, so I used the leftovers from my Rotisserie chicken. (Improvising). The layout was like this. French bread, dipped in egg nog (my cheater recipe for french toast) and fried on a skillet, then pepper jack cheese, ham, chicken, and to dip it in, we had raspberry syrup and raspberry preserves. We ate it all! It was really yummy! And chances are, I'll make it again!

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Jennifer said...

I remember all your fun cooking ideas! It's fun to look at your blog. You are so funny!