Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A bit about me....

25 random facts about me......

1. I look younger than I am. My students think I'm 18 or 19. (Who am I to correct them?)
2. I am seriously dyslexic. But I am too much of a perfectionist to let it come out... too often...
3. I am a type A person since my accident, but I was a 'type B' person (or whatever you call the opposite!) before my accident.... And the two collide, wrestle, and occasionally one will win. Right now I am trying to get back in that type A mode!!!
4. Yo pienso en el espanol antes de puedo hablar en igles! You tengo que traducir las palabras, pensando por muchas minutas, entoncesyo miro muy muda!
5. I LOVE to watch movies! Correction. I love to let movies watch me! (I can't watch a movie and do nothing. I have to type, write, draw, build something, etc.... The theatre doesn't appeal to me anymore!
6. I still think about some things in terms of basketball principles. It's not too bad to not quit til the game's over, or be unselfish with statistics and assist others, or to try to predict the next move but be ready for anything, but it is kinda silly to jump to the triple threat position when I am ready to get started or use some courtside lingo to describe how to tackle a certain task... Basketball in in my blood.
7. I am not addicted to facebook. Or e mail. Or IM. Or the internet. I am addicted to the computer. I could get my 'fix' by creating a spreadsheet or database, just as easily as I could by reading entertaining e mails or headlines!!!
8. I still remember Mitosis from high school biology. The 5 phases are1. Interphase, 2. Prophase, 3. Metaphase, 4. Anaphase, and 5. Telephase. I know it's pointless, useless information to you and me... At least Miss Wagner would be proud of me!!!
9. I am a goof. Not a secret, but there are secrets as to why!
10. I am a klutz, too. You can't tell because I am a goof, remember?
11. My hands can touch my knees when I walk, so I keep them up near my face as much as I can!!!
12. I judge the grocery stores in town by their produce display. I am in love with the produce department!
13. I eat salsa out of the jar.
14. I LOVE coffee ice cream, coffee flavored goodies, the smell of coffee, etc. But I won't go near the REAL stuff!
15. I don't think I could be content in one job forever... One day I'd like to run a B&B, own a tea/breakfast shoppe, write a book, be a personal assistant, be a basketball or team coach, paint or draw for some job, and who knows, there may be plenty of other things I'd like to try!!!
16. I LOVE to sing! Sing at the top of my lungs! I don't think the doc's ever really heard me, cause I have major 'performance fright.' I am pretty embarassed to sing in front of other people... And I have scar tissue in my vocal chords, I am certain that I don't have that vocal quality everyone is looking for! Luckily, I can wail to the Phantom of the Opera at work and no one has to hear me!!!
17. I hate math, but I am pretty math-oriented. I do weird math in my head, averaging, multiplication, etc, things that don't really need to be done. Who wants to know what the square root of my street number is? Who wants to know how many more hours of tutoring I have in ratio to blah blah blah.....?
18. I once saw the movie Waitress, which was a pretty lame story.. But I pinpointed a new train of thought!!! She (whatever Keri's character was named) daydreamed in pies. She created an 'I hate my husband pie' with caramel and dark chocolate and dark cherries... Then some other good mood quiche/pie with chicken and gouda cheese and eggs..,. My meals have this feel to them. I have begun creating plenty of these "I-had-a-great-day-can't-you-tell" recipes, new combinations, etc. And it's FUN!!!
19. My persona changes often. Almost every day. Today I wanted to be a little on the athletic side. Yesterday, I was the intellectual type, the day before I was the prissy goody goody and didn't want to get cold and wet in the snow... Who knows what tomorrow will bring!
20. I second guess myself all the time. Not just my answers and decisions, my math, my directions, my wardrobe choice, my....
21. I sometimes wish I had named Nicole 'Caroline' instead.... And every time I wish that, I remember that the doc would NEVER go for it...
22. I hate country music SOOOO much! I get mad at the doc every time he turns it on.... But I'm not sure why. Part of it MUST be the way my dad hates country music. He got SOOOO mad at me once when I turned the Judds on in his work truck! I almost walked home that day! Or maybe part of it was that I liked it for a time, then I was in the hospital, and my mom would turn it on, tie me into bed (yes, you read that right), then leave me to fall asleep at 9:00..... The next morning at 8, when the nurse untied me, THEN they would turn it off... It just reminds me of being tied in bed. Sheesh.
23. I lost my taste while I was in the hospital. There are still a few things that have no taste in my mouth.... so I usually douse them with hot sauce, salsa, etc. Maybe I just shouldn't eat them.
24. I miss the ocean! Swimming, skiing, visiting the lake just isn't the same. And to pair it with a sunset! That's just the West Coast, baby! I crave it!!!
25. I LOVE looking at the sky! Sunsets are one of my favorite things to watch... And I LOVE the clouds.... And I LOVE the different colors of the sky! Simply, I just love the sky!

And #4 says "I think in spanish before I can speak in english, I have to translate my words back to english, it takes me a few seconds, then I just look dumb for taking so long to respond!!!!"

WHEW! I finished! But this one didn't take as long as the '100 things about me' I once filled out!!!

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