Saturday, February 28, 2009

I like cereal

A boy in my SACC group used to say 'I like cereal' at the drop of a hat.  

T: How are you today? 

K: 'I like cereal!'

T: What'd you learn in school today?

K: 'I like cereal!'

T: What do you think we're having for snack today?

K: 'I like cereal!"

My uber-creative mind wanders to when I, too, loved cereal enough to recall my infatuation in every instance... And I can only long for those days when I was more concerned about the awesome toy inside, rather than the fiber content and insertion of whole-grains into my diet....

But I still like cereal!

Guess what we had for dinner!

1 comment:

crazydaisy said...

Ha ha! We had a chicken and dumplings kind of creation that was.... weird