Sunday, August 16, 2009

Menu for the Week... And more!

Sunday Chicken Tacos
Out to Ruby Tuesday's!

Monday Grilled Caesar Chicken Salad and Texas Toast

Tuesday Tamale Pie

Wednesday PDub’s steak and either salad or Caprese Salad

Thursday Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Friday ????

Saturday ????
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Today is just Sunday. This is always the time I stay up waaay too late trying to finish all of the plans I had for the weekend!

And I slacked on the snacks of the week, but in retrospect, we had fresh fruit every single day this week! I LOVED it!!!

Friday night the doc and I enjoyed a (little bit) late anniversary dinner. GOOOOD Italian food!
The first wine I have loved, down to the last drop (gotta love those Italians), Fettuccine Alfredo, and a lemon tart.
All to celebrate 8 years of wedded bliss! Then we decided to go to the drive in! A double feature! GI Joe and Transformers 2! It was fun... And I stayed up waaaay past my 'bedtime!'

Saturday Nicole and I wanted to have a tea party. Instead it turned out to be a breakfast run for the whole gang at PAnera! (I brought it home) After brunch/lunch, we went to the park. A birthday party, swimming, the driving range, an art fair, birthday cake, and live bagpipe music. All within 3 hours! WHEW!

Now it's Sunday. It's almost over, but it was a well-used day. Church, lunch, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, movie, out to dinner, scenic drive, ice cream at home, laundry, and baking.

Er, yes, baking! I can't bake, remember? Except for the open-and-insert-in-oven kind of baking! I turned 1 gallon of blueberries into pie filling, baked a pie crust and it turned out like this: That's one whole pie and a LOT of filling! I invited the 'rents to make pancakes, waffles, tarts, crepes, whatever they can to use up this stuff! OH, and to EAT the pie, too!

Ooh, and I got to chat with one of my bestest friends! What a sweet way to end the day! So. Let the week begin, I will be well fueled with blueberries and humor.

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