Sunday, October 21, 2007

a fatal attraction

Today was the grand opening of a McDonald's in our town.... A Mc Donald's that supposedly burned down and then was rebuilt! EVERYONE and their mother was there! I went with a friend, Nicole, and her kids... We walked into the playroom and let the kids GO! As soon as they kicked off their shoes, they were gone! We looked around for a table, a bench, A chair.... Between all of the customers and onlookers, there was no room! Finally we snagged the table right next to the jungle gym.

After a good 15 minutes of marveling at the insane amounts of energy contained in our children, I finally took an 'order' and headed to the front lines! From the moment I stepped into line to the moment I actually walked away with my tray, 35 minutes had passed. You read correctly, 35. You see, I already told you everybody and their mother was at this place! This local yocal town has a great turn out for every occasion, be in small or grandiose...

This McDonald's happens to be a cuisine of choice. Most of those 35 minutes were spent behind 14 other members of the line. Plus I had a large order to place! And after consuming my drenched snack wrap and fries, which now sit like a sack of wet rags in my gut, I still consider whether or not the endeavor was truly worth it.... Is it worth it to fill my system with saturated whatchamacallit and preservatives just so that we can follow the crowd and play on the indoor playground?

Next time I will make my own chicken nuggets, place them in a brown paper bag with a smiley face on it, call it my own happy meal, and save a LOT of calories.....

Next time I'll order a grumpy mel from Mickey D's!

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shaybert said...

HA! You have become your brother! Truly a miracle... if only a grumpy meal were offered. I love you always! Blessings!