Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You know me....

I will do anything for a laugh.... And I usually find them everywhere, too! This morning, as I was taking Nicole to school, I was discussing some of the traffic laws,like understanding the lights. P.S. I have explained this to her a million times already! I believe that Nicole should understand her world around her, not just look at it! So her response? "I know, mom... I already know everything because I am in Kindergarten!" Maybe I should go back to Kindergarten!

Also, as we turned around the corner to jump into the drop off line, a little boy came around the corner on his skateboard.... Skateboarding to school! I haven't seen that in AGES!!!

1 comment:

shaybert said...

Okay, it will be another 18 years before YOU know anything again. Been there done that! Love youse! Blessings!