Saturday, October 13, 2007

I am Batman

Seriously, not. But every morning on my way to work, I turn down Gotham. They pronounce it a little differently, which makes me giggle inside and think about Batman a little more! But Gotham street is a little more familiar now.... Can't say that about the rest of the grid, though! I can find my way around, though, just give me a little time, I'll pull off some random turns and FIND a street that I know! I think my sense of direction is getting a little better! Yesterday I was coming home from work and my car started to act little funny. It was acting like it didn;'t want to drive.... And then it shut off. Luckily I had pulled over to the curb, so I coasted out of the MIDDLE of the street! I would start and roll over fine, but then it would DIE! I gave up on it. I turned it off, grabbed everything out of the car thta I needed, and started walking home... But which direction was home? I turned down a couple of streets.... I was thinking of knocking on a door and asking which direction was State Street.... But did it! I found my way! I was pretty stupid, though. I grabbed EVERYTHING out of my car. The soup cans I just bought, my bag full of books, my jacket, a few other random things I had left in my car, and I carried them all the way home. At LEAST a mile! Okay, maybe JUST a mile.... But that's enough for me! My car is fine, just finicky, now.... I need to learn the streets better! However, if I WAS Batman, I wouldn't have to worry about the car OR the streets so much, would I?


hollyollie said...

Is this a new (to you) car?

shaybert said...

Batman eh? Sure, come stay in my office. hee hee Luv U