Friday, July 13, 2007

100 Things

100 things about me.
1. I am a child of God.
2. A wife.
3. A mother.
4. A sister.
5. A friend.
6. I am a survivor. A survivor of a TBI, school, Grainger's basketball, and the beginning of my cooking career. Some combinations can be lethal!
7. I am sincerely dyslexic. I spend more time decidiing which WAY to write something rather than which language to write it in, how to spell it, or whether or not it is the appropriate word to use, which are all common obstacles for me!
8. I LOVE to paint, draw, design, create, etc…..
9. But I am afraid to start. Afraid I will mess it up! I have TONS of ideass and nothing to show for it.
10. My hands touch my knees when I let them rest at my side!
11. My name is Tiffany Nicole and when I was 5, I received a Cabbage Patch doll for my birthday named Tiffany Nikki. In college I joked that I was named after a cabbage patch doll!
12. I LOVE fresh produce, like oranges, pineapples, mangoes, and on and on…
13. But I am afraid to get the juice all over me!!!
14. I think sour cream goes on anything.
15. I use fat free sour cream so I CAN put it on everything!
16. I eat salsa out of the jar.
17. When I go shopping at the mall, I don't pick out the fashions that catch my eye, I head straight to the clearance rack to see what COOL stuff I can get for the CHEAPEST price! It's like a contest!
18. And I really do have a competitive spirit……
19. And I'm stubborn.
20. I can't hold a serious conversation without THINKING of something funny!
21. I think I'm the only one who gets my sense of humor sometimes!
22. I have over 100 nicknames. Most of them are a tangent off of an earlier nickname. They all basically stem from each other.
23. I am directionally challenged. In accordance with the 2D maps that we refer to in order to find our way around town, North would be UP. South would be DOWN. I operate on a 'right,' 'left,' and 'straight' basis.
24. I cannot imagine having to live with stick straight hair. I love my curls and hate them. I might be better off with no hair.
25. I've actually almost had that 'do before!
26. I love rainy days! But not like I used to…. It used to mean laying extra hours in bed and reading a delicious book with a gentle pitter patter or torrential downpour.
27. But now I delight in splashing in puddles with Nicole or cuddling on the couch and watching movies or or or…
28. I am SO excited about a real New York winter!
29. I love snow!
30. I'm afraid I will also get REALLY tired of it REALLY fast. I could be in for a LONG winter!!!
31. I can't multitask and eat at the same time. Otherwise, I have no idea what I am eating or how much!
32. However, I can do like 8 things at once!
33. I change my purse more often than I change my underwear……..
35. I LOVE coffee ice cream, coffee flavored goodies, the smell of coffee, etc.
36. But I won't go near the REAL stuff!
37. I love gas-station cappuccino
38. And won't go near the real stuff!
39. I use a different brand of deoderent every day.
40. At the end of the day, my sense of accomplishment is whether or not my family liked the meal and if they are full…..
41. I love food…
42. …But I'm losing weight.
43. I don't understand that!
44. I love exercise, too!
45. I get it now!
46. I am a morning person at heart.
47. But I am being reformed by Dave-the-night-owl.
48. I LOVE avocados, but the more I eat them, the more I get a tingling sensation in my mouth. I am developing a biological resistance……
49. I am sad!
50. Every breeze that crosses my shoulders makes me smile!
51. I would rather smile and laugh than anything else in this world.
52. I HATE country music.
53. But I love to sing.
54. That includes ANY song I know!
55. Any life experience is a story!
56. I love to tell stories.
57. Not lies.
58. Any life experience or story of mine either has a punchline or a reference to a punchline.
59. God has used His sense of humor in my life, too.
60. I seem to be the example of many things.
61. When I close my eyes, I play mental Sudoku.
62. Or mental Tetris.
63. I can't sit still, I need to move my legs in some way!
64. I secretly want to be the anonymous person that shares a Random Act of Kindness at Taco Bell or Wendy's, but I never have the $ when I remember!!!
65. I could eat Taco Bell every day.
66. But I am a copykat cook, so I make my own Taco Bell at home!
67. I want you to come over and have some yummy food!
68. I want to run every day.
69. But sometimes I'm lazy.
70. I am so happy that Nicole is so cuddly
71. She is just like me!
72. But I am allergic to cats.
73. And Nicole desperately wants one!
74. I want a puppy!
75. I am so excited that Dave is getting a miniature schnauzer puppy for Nicole's birthday….. (Don't tell her!)
76. I feel like I am getting the surprise!
77. I love surprises!
78. I really want to name the puppy... But it will be for Nicole, she gets to pick…
79. I promise I won't be bitter, I will just suggest more nicknames!
80. I miss old-school nintendo!
81. But I am thankful for the evolution of electronics!
82. I am so proud of Dave!
83. But I get jealous of others' accomplishments.
84. I wish I could accomplish SOMEthing…
85. I want to have someone over for dinner every night.
86. Maybe I will change my life-long goal to hosting a Bed and Breakfast.
87. I love to watch movies.
88. I know you already knew that.
89. I have three blogs.
90. I try to share my soul, but not too much!
91. I cry way too much.
92. I just told you a secret.
93. I miss Rich Mullins' music.
94. I don't think I could be content in ONE job forever.
95. Or one home.
96. But I get to go to Heaven and that will be the ultimate. I know I will be satisfied!
97. I'm afraid to run out of gas.
98. So I fill up about every other day!
99. I seriously want to go to Spain with my sinister!
100. But I think I want to go to Italy more.

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