Monday, July 30, 2007


Oh, man, I logged on with great ideas for a killer blog. With the events of the day fresh in my mind, I booted up the laptop and began logging into the correct composing pages and the screen went dim. I could still see everything, but it was darker. I hit the function key and F7 to turn up the radiance of the laptop and it worked! Myspace let me start typing and then... The whole computer shut off! The lovely doc mentioned that the battery life of this laptop was next to nothing and must always be plugged in. To find a comfortable seat on the couch, I leaned a little too far to the right and unplugged the power cord! Hence, all creative memories of the day have been rebooted. I must start from fresh.

But don't be discouraged, I am still here to entertain! Today, Nicole and I spend some time decorating the house. How many weeks have we been living here? I finally put up the pictures on the wall!! Our (few and far between) wedding pics, family pics up the stairway, and even the beautiful portraits elsewhere. I love art and family, it's great for me that they are both prime decor for the new house! I also perused the doc's photo bank on the main computer..... I am missing a lot of pics! I would like to share them with you. So, without ANY introduction or explanation, here are some random shots!!!

Guess who that is!

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shaybert said...

Well that ain't Tink, that's for sure! My guess is Romie-omeo? He does close his eyes when he "smiles". I see you got a pic of your daddy... they are so hard to come by!!! Love you!