Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm in the City and the City's in Me

We went to NYC this weekend and I LOVE LOVE LOVED it! It was a busy day, without a doubt. We stayed in Puqueepse (a little spelling help, please!) overnight and then rode the train in the early morning... After finagling a ticket out of the machine and scrambling into the subways, we headed to the Statue of Liberty. Even though I have already been there, it is still beautiful. Breathtaking.... And it bordered on being cold.... Jacket on, jacket off... But look at her standing in all that glory.... Who wouldn't be overwhelmed by freedom and liberty and the thought of hauling over all of that copper?

Then we went to Ellis Island and Dave and Nicole played peekaboo while the 'rents checked out their family history in the computers... Silly kidS! I looked at the wall and read my families names.... Wondering if I had heard of those individuals or not.... After a quick lunch on liberty island, where Dave caught a pigeon with his hands and Nicole begged to be able to do that all day, we left the island, saw some very strange dancers in Grand Central Station (One in particular played the drums and had a giant pole attached to the top of his hat with a VERY long ribbon tied to the top and waved it around to the beat! It was interesting for sure!), serenaders, begging for a buck, Arabs preaching about 9/11 not being their fault, but ours, and the giant construction site where the twin towers were.

Then we headed to the Empire State Building. I always feel a little cooler when I go there..... Since my dad grew up in NYC, I often asked if he went to the statue of liberty and the empire state building, and he always told me that he had never been, had no desire to go.... So I kinda felt like I did a 'first' by going to these..... But looking at the long lines, I know I really wasn't first!

Macy's caught our eye, of course.... Who wouldn't want to be in a 9 story department store that takes up a whole block? Well, I wouldn't, but I love shopping! I bought Nicole a Christmas present (shhh), omehow stumbled across the New Year's ball in the basement, you know, the one that they drop, and Nicole found a mouse running under all of the racks in the children's department! She named her 'Macy Mouse' and tried really hard to catch her!

By now, we were starving again.... New York City is quite the melting pot, eh? We found a Mexican restaurant right underneath the Empire State Building! (well, that would be on one of its corners, right?) Chipotle. Awesome burritos. Very filling, but a little more on the healthy side for fast food (as long as you don't eat the WHOLE thing!).

And then we were about done. We saw a little of this and a little of that before we got back on the subway and the train, but my dogs were barking the whole ride home! Sleeping in on Sunday never felt so good! I missed seeing my good friend Ange in the city, but we've got time, right babe?


ange said...

that's right!

Rachel said...

Hey, we were there at the same time!!!! Crazy!