Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nature's Goodness!

How many times have you heard people reminisce about their past, their passions, their lives and become so 'lost in the moment' that they zone out or ignore everything going on? Ah, this is what happens to me whenever I enter the produce department. It was so colorful, such a wide variety of fruits, both common and exotic! I was overtaken by the aromas and vibrant colors! "Chandler, I lost myself in a movement." I love variety in produce! I can't wait to head back to the produce store!

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Karen Lynch-Live the Power said...

I'm with you! The produce department is my favorite part of the grocery store! All of the colors, textures and yes, even the smells (tomatoes on the vine...mmmm yummy) Plus I appreciate that it is all natural and healthy and what we are supposed to eat to be healthy and strong!!