Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Brilliant Girl!

This is Teacher Appreciation Week. Nicole and I decided to make a jar filled with reasons she loves her teacher, plus some chocolate! Nicole came up with this awesome list!

50 Reasons I love Mrs. Roux
1. She shares
2. She helps us
3. She inspires us
4. She reads to us
5. She makes us laugh
6. She loves learning
7. She loves teaching
8. She loves kids
9. She plays games with us
10. She knows everything
11. She knows everyone in our class
12. She loves books
13. She’s good at teaching
14. She listens to us
15. She guides us
16. She gives us information
17. She smiles a lot
18. She is creative
19. She is a kind person
20. She wears pretty skirts
21. She is fair
22. She is fun!
23. She tells the best stories
24. She is never bored
25. She does fun projects
26. She is nice
27. She is kind
28. She gives us something other than homework
29. She believes in us
30. She is a leader
31. She respects us
32. She works with us
33. She is patient
34. She is a good friend
35. She is happy
36. She is good at her job
37. She is confident
38. She is prepared
39. She makes learning interesting
40. She is organized
41. She likes teaching
42. She is easy to talk to
43. She makes me feel important
44. She shares with us
45. She remembers a lot!
46. She is firm
47. She is calm
48. She makes me want to do my best
49. She is a blessing
50. She is AWESOME!

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