Monday, May 4, 2009

Home Improvement

Since last summer... Or maybe the summer before, I have been dreaming of putting in an outdoor-bistro-like-patio in my backyard. Somewhere with a table and chairs with big flower pots and an oversized patio umbrella. My first thought was to put it in an obscure corner, near the garage, but it would be next to nothing.

THEN the doc pointed out a corner behind that house where grass doesn't grow and the sun doesn't come near it!

I also wanted to plant a 'hedge' in the front yard with flowers, stepping stones, and a border of some sort to separate it from the lawn.

Well yesterday we began these two projects!

Mmm, not so much, the patio!
We purchased 5 cherry blosson trees that will stand up to -40 degree weather (for some reason our hibiscus trees didn't make it through the winter!) and some daisies and other potted plants to pant inbetween. Plus soil and mulch (my preschool kids used to call it munch!).

Last night the doc ripped out the grass (in a neat and orderly fashion) and I brought in the baby trees! I can really imagine them near the front picket fence with mulch all around and stepping stones inbetween!

We also visualized our plans for the backyard and 'eyed' some of the products at Home Depot! This summer we will accomplish more!!!

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