Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Snack of the Day

Sorry it's late, Ginny!!!

So here it is! We were to have baked nachos. But, 1) the cheese came from the supplier in a large brick (I'm talkin' 10 lbs!) and I have no cheese grater at work, and 2) the oven does not work. Does not turn on, does not pass go, does not collect $200. I decided to stick with chips and salsa! I'm sure I will get an earful from Lady C at work tomorrow......

Since this is jungle week, we did leaf painting for crafts. The kids loved it! It surprises me that so many of them are afraid of getting dirty and messy! I think that's what crafts are all about! (Lady S should know, she cleaned up after me all the time! Note to self: I will have to change my art repertoire next year!) Anyway, aren't they pretty?

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