Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snack of the Day

Today we had a really yummy snack! I took a slice of cinnamon raisin bread, slathered on some peanut butter, and topped it with thinly sliced apples! I brought my Miracle Blade from home so that I didn't have to use a plastic knife to cut the apples! (My kitchen is less than adequately stocked!)

I started making tomorrow's snack! It's called 'sparklers.' A gelled-like jello jiggler. It's made with sprite and OJ concentrate! It should be good, but it looked kinda like ecto-slime from the Ghostbusters!!!

For crafts, we started making a TON of pictures. 1,000 to be exact (hopefully we'll get that far!). They are to be included in the invitation for a fundraiser in October.... Something like that! I'll take a pic tomorrow, it slipped my mind. I had a zillion things to do today!

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