Friday, July 10, 2009

Snack of the Day

Today we had a unique activity for all of the classes! The theme of the week was Jungle Week, each team selected an animal from the jungle to be their team 'mascot,' and served a teaspoon of something they think that animal would eat to all of the other kids. For example, the Turtles served lettuce, the monkeys served bananas and blueberries, and the other monkeys made monkey bread....

Then for snack, the menu said 'Food on a Stick.' I had to refer to the shopping list that C gave me and assembled salami, green olives, cheddar cheese, and grape tomatoes on a stick. There were also 7 cantaloupe, I cut them up and served them on the side!!! I didn't think they belonged on the skewer!

My crafty kids made these egg-carton-caterpillars. They decorated them however they wanted! They sure are cute, aren't they???

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