Monday, July 13, 2009

Snack of the Day!

I know you missed my daily posts over the weekend.....

And the snack of the day was called 'pretzel paddles.' They smelled really good as I was making them! I dipped pretzel rods in peanut butter, then rolled them in fruit loops. When those were gone, I rolled them in a fruit and granola cereal, and that looked REALLY good! And when I ran out of that cereal, I rolled them in cheerios... But I might go back and make some rolled in that granola for myself! The kids loved 'em! Well, except for those with peanut allergies!!! One staff told me they were wicked good!

In craft time, we attempted string painting. Pieces of yarn were cut and placed in paint, then folded between paper. The kids liked it! ...But it's amazing how many kids don't like to make messes!

And we now harvest wild blackberries in our backyard! Nana, did you know these were here? Well, this is what we would consider an ABUNDANT harvest in our backyard! Maybe I can serve these as a garnish!!!

Here are the doc and Nicolee playing with army men.... I'm not quite sure what that's all about!!!


shaybert said...

Well it's probably a good thing you didn't tell me there were blueberries to harvest in your backyard because I woulda snagged 'em! Fun!

Love your snack today!


crazydaisy said...