Friday, August 3, 2007


The lazy man does twice as much work????
Well, it's time to change a bit of that old saying, the lazy man leaves twice as much work for the next person! But Wednesday I got out the paint, rollers, tape, drop cloths.... I taped the room and started painting around 7:30am. I finished taping, cutting in, and painting the entire room... Er, just the first coat! BUT, the corner of the ceiling that meets the wall has been compromised! There is no longer a distinctly definitive line! Too much putty has been used to finish the wall that hasn't been smoothed out. The line of where the ceiling starts and the wall ends is more of a suggestion. I spent 30 minutes putting the tape where I wanted it to go! We'll see how it looks when I'm finished!

30 Minute Meals
I do love to cook... I love to create my own versions of things and multiple variations of simple meals.... But I don't like to spend too long doing it! Last night, Nicole and I had the following conversation:
T: What should I make for dinner? Daddy will be home in 5 minutes!!!
N: I dunno, but this lady is showing a 30 minute meal! You should make one of those.
T: Oh, wow.... But I don't have 30 minutes til daddy comes home, I have 5. I need a 5 minute meal!
N: Oh, I have a good idea! How 'bout an 8 minute meal?
T: Do you know of one?
N: No, but that's your favorite number!
Needless to say, I took 10 minute to throw together an awesome meal!

After dinner we went to the Cow Lick. Yes, the Cow Lick! It's an ice cream stand!!!

Then we found the prettiest river access! Like, I might wanna have Nicole's birthday party there instead!

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