Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm coming to see you now

These are the words my daughter sings to the tune of "Oh Susanna!" She has a mini keyboard that plays a few demo songs (thanks a lot, Ann!) and that one is her favorite. She has begun singing along with it, improvising as she can't remember the real words! "I'm coming to see you now, I'm on my way to come see you, to see you now, I come to you right now..." Boy oh boy, I bet you'd love to hear it!!! Just ask her to bring out the 'beloved' and forsaken piano when you get here!!!

Last night our friends Matt and Casey came by on their way home from the gym and entertained US for a bit! Nicole took her turn with Dance Mario and showed them how to do it correctly!!!

I also spent a lot of wasted time on my new phone. Not talking to anyone, I have to have friends to do that! I transferred all of my ringtones from my old phone to my new phone via bluetooth. I am fully loaded now, with the theme from Scrubs, a Frank Sinatra song, and some other various wav file. (If you happen to hang out and my brother calls, you will hear Tarzan swinging on the vine! Maybe when you call me it will play "Kung Fu Fighting" or "I Will Survive."

P.S. This is the view down the street. I toldja I love these clouds!

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shaybert said...

Oh, I wanna play Dance Mario!!! Will Nicolee show me how to play correctly too? I'm your friend, what tone plays when I call? Love you and see you in tomorrow afternoon!!! Yippeeeeee!