Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ahhhh, a day at the beach!

Yes, we went to the beach today! Don't get all excited, we weren't any closer to the coast, but we were a little closer to Canada! We went to Lake Ontario. The vast horizon led me to believe that we really were facing a sea. Nicole was adorable, of course! Nicole buried herself in the sand (okay, up to her thighs as she was sitting on the ground), spent over an hour trying to catch a lethargic catfish that was 10' off shore, and collecting rocks... not seashells! We left at 11:00.... I brought snacks, not lunch (smart mama?)! We ate a LOT of grapes and drank tons of water!!! The water was JUST right and the sun was hot, so we slathered on tons of sunscreen..... But tonight as I gave Nicole a bath, to wash off all thta sand... I found finger stripes on her back... Hey, I never said I was great at putting on sunscreen! But I do put on some killer aloe vera! (I had it refrigerated! So it was very cool and soothing!) .

By the time we mosied on home, it was time for dinner.... We had big salads all to ourselves! (I am pleasantly surprised at how much Nicole loves produce! Almost as much as I do! She and I could both survive on nothing but salads every day! But how healthy is it really if we always have cheese, olives, and really good dressing? We at least get kudos for trying!)

P.S. I still feel that warm sun on my back and face! Maybe it's because I'm a little red, too!

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