Saturday, August 25, 2007

The new skateboarding...

Or surfing... Or trick skiing... Is now kayaking!

We went over to the 'bus barn' today to introduce Nicole to the bus systems. She toured the bus, learned the correct loading and unloading protocol, and then they fed us a complimentary lunch! We took the hot dogs outside to eat since it was such a nice day.... Actoss the grass, we saw 2 umnanned police cars with their lights on, no sirens, and a crowd of people leaning over the bridge. Being the important people we are (wink wink, nudge nudge), we headed over to see what was going on!
It was a kayaking event! A competition of trick kayaking, complete with flips, turns, and whatever tricks they could muster up while coasting over the rapid! (I say THE rapid, singular, cause there was really only one big dip with a spray and currents on either side!) People came from all over the world for this event! (Don't be too surprised, there were only about 10 people in each category!) It was the young men's competition, we left before the women's competition.... But I wish I had a kayak! I may not be able to brave the 'rapid' but I would love to get out and coast on the water!

Anyway, it started out, BEFORE that, with some yummy Swedish pancakes! We tried to serve breakfast in bed to Dave, but he beat us to the punch! I thought doctors wew supposed to sleep in on their ONE day off!!! Oh well, it was good and he loved it!

I also found some great socks today at Walmart! They are infused with aloe! They are SO soft, I felt pampered just putting them on! So to all you mommies out there, here is a pampering item worthy of multitasking!

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